Coach Denise Bodyworks teaches you how to train for a life of health, fitness, and wellness. Make yourself stronger than your excuses!



Coach Denise Geroux is an ACSM/NASM certified personal trainer who engages you heart to heart using an extensive toolbox to train, educate, & motivate you to attain your unique fitness goals. Do you want to get in shape & lose weight, learn how to train safely, have fun discovering how strong you really are?

Coach Denise has a unique background in playing sports, studying martial arts, fighting in amateur kickboxing matches, training & racing in triathlons & marathons, obstacle mud races, Certified Personal Training as a career, Massage Therapy and Feldenkrais Method Training & teaching that has given her a unique perspective and skillset for functionally training her clients.

Coach Denise creates an environment that engages each person’s playful curiosity about the way they move, how posture & breathing affect fitness and activities of daily living. Developing a solid foundation in good body mechanics – what should be taught in PE class - is the first step to training safely and effectively. Let Coach Denise guide you to a life of greater health and fitness.

Personal Training

Coach Denise listens to what you want, need, and aspire to in your fitness. She begins by laying a broad foundation of functional body mechanics to teach better posture and movement as you strengthen, align, improve flexibility and feel better overall.

Personal training is all about the details: teaching immediately useful concepts of movement to address and often correct client's issues whether they are recovering from a stroke, have Parkinson's disease, knee or hip replacement, coming back from injuries, etc. She can tailor and design a program that will lead directly to the improvements you want. There is a purpose for all exercises that you learn in training and you will be able to apply those to other activities to improve performance and prevent injury.

Online fitness fun with Coach Denise Bodyworks
Online fitness fun with Coach Denise Bodyworks


Zoom online group exercise classes: (All classes 55 minutes except Tai chi flow)





9:30-10:30am (Zoom)


Indoor Bike Class  6:00-7:00pm (Zoom)





Tai Chi Flow  6:00-6:30pm (Zoom)



Stretch-Flex-Flow (Zoom)







USAT certified triathlon coach, training and coaching athletes since 2006 as a HeartZones Certified Triathlon & Cycling Instructor. Coach Denise was mentored by Coach Sally Edwards hall of fame marathon runner and among the original Ironman triathletes. Sally really inspired me and taught coaching from the heart to bring out the best in every athlete I train.

With a background in running all distances from 5k up to marathons and Ultra-marathons (53miles was my longest), Coach Denise has enjoyed training runners for 5k to marathon distances and as a cycling coach has taught indoor cycling classes and trained cycling teams for regional cycling events including the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride (204 miles). Learning to swim as an adult, Coach Denise understands how to guide you safely and with compassion in learning and improving indoor pool/openwater swim skills!

Coach Denise believes that life is an endurance sport - you have to learn how to move through the challenges to get to the gifts on the other side!


Coach Denise is a Washington State Licensed Massage Therapist, Feldenkrais Method(sm) Practitioner of Functional Integration(sm) and Awareness Through Movement(sm), Cranio-sacral(sm) Therapist, Foot Reflexology and a Reiki Practitioner.

As a bodyworker, Coach Denise assesses which methods would work best for you. She can identify your challenge areas and bring healing and relief by reducing stress, relaxing your neuromuscular system, release trigger points & adhesions, and educate you on how to retrain the patterns of movement and posture that may be recreating and reinforcing your symptoms. Coach Denise believes that our bodies adapt to the demands we put on them and that understanding this can help you heal yourself over time by learning better ways of postural organization.

Currently offering mobile in-home sessions. Also offering in-studio treatments by appointment only.




"There just aren't enough good things to say about Coach Denise. I trained for my first triathlon with her 8 years ago and never left! As a coach who has dedicated her life to bringing fitness and well-being to others, she brings incredible knowledge, and focus to each and every individual and team member that she trains. She takes her work and your progress, very seriously, while sharing her great sense of fun, which is why we love her! If triathlons aren't your thing, what is? She's the Swiss Army knife of trainers, whether you want to learn to do triathlons, personal training, injury recovery, martial arts or boot-camping...or you just need a therapeutic massage.

BONUS: COVID has not stopped her. She continues to make us sweat for hours every week on ZOOM. Check her out. She's a gem."



"As someone with Parkinson's, I've had to relearn all the basics: How to stand, how to sit, how to walk, how to run. Denise has been fundamental to this ongoing process for me. She has a wide range of experience, from coaching triathletes to Feldenkrais(sm)Method to massage, so she has big toolbox to break down my movement sand improve them. I do not absorb physical learning very easily, so I really appreciate Denise's imagination in explaining movements I different ways so I can Better internalize her guidance. And I'm grateful for Denise endless patience! I would certainly recommend Denise to others, especially those with movement disorders."



"Denise immediately began ZOOM workout classes four mornings a week when COVID-19 hit Seattle so we could build strength and stamina during the pandemic...I was not a believer in online exercise classes! However, I can honestly say that I rely on Denise to start my day so that I have energy to accomplish my goals! What I love most is that every class is different! She emphasizes proper form and offers alternative exercises for those with limitations. Her mantra is KEEP MOVING! She greets us with a smile, is excited about the class she has designed and cheers us on with her enthusiasm and vitality. Because of her classes I have benefitted mental, emotionally, and physically, a real boon during the pandemic!"




For further information about the offerings at Coach Denise Bodyworks:

Please contact Coach Denise at denise@coachdenisebodyworks.com.